This is the Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand. The Australian Visitor visa (subclass 600) is a visa application to visit Australia for tourism. This visa under tourism includes going for holidays, leisure and meeting family or friends. If your intention falls on going to Australia for a Business such as attending a conference, and anything that has to do with a certain business organisation or perhaps going for a medical treatment or for transit, a Visitor visa application is not allowed.

Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand

Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand

It is very important to know the rules and restrictions for a tourist visa application, to avoid a visa refusal. You must carefully show that the purpose of the visit is for a holiday only. Always choose the correct visa such as an Australian Spouse visa if you are married and an Australian Fiancee visa if it is your Thai fiancee. Do not use a tourist visa or Australian visitors visa for this purpose.

Australian Tourist Visa Requirements

As a tourist, one is entitled for a stay up to 3 months maximum. If a multiple entry visa on the other hand is approved, then one can stay up to 3 months each visit within the 1 year duration from the date your visa was granted.

In order to qualify in getting the Subclass 600 visa, applicants must be under this criteria:

  • –          Exclusively stay in Australia for a short-term period only. You must return to your home country after your visit
  • –          The intention in visiting should not include purpose for any business or any medical treatment
  • –          Must have an adequate funds for the duration of stay in Australia
  • –          Travel history, an overstay from previous oversea visits would affect the application

Most often we wanted to go and request for a 1 year visa on a first visa application, however, it is best that on first visit, we go for the minimum of 3 months initially, then after the first trip, apply for a longer one which is either for a 6 months visa or 1 year visa.

During the process, your application will be evaluated based on your current circumstance. It would take the standard 15 working days and there no specific days of visa timeline approval. Once, your visa application verified by the Australian government, then they will proceed with a visa decision and an official letter of approval be given to you. At times, when numerous applications received in the High Commission, the visa decision might not come as early, as expected. It may somehow take longer than the standard time.