See the Samui building zones. You can read about the building zones in Phuket elsewhere on this website. If you are not going to lease land and wish to own the land, then you need to understand what the limits are when building in Thailand. Phuket has its own building regulations as well as Samui. Always have a due diligence done on your property in Thailand to check your title deed in Thailand, liens against the property and other background checks such as those of the property developer himself.

Samui Building Zones

Samui Area 1:

No building is allowed to be build up to 10 meters from the beach. Note however that the coastline or beach line is normally at the discretion of the Or Bor Tor. The will decide where this starts. It could be at low tide or at high tide so you will need to check before you buy property in coastal areas such as buying a condo in Pattaya or buying a condo in Phuket or on Koh Samui.

Samui Area 2:

This area does not allow for a massive development close to the coast. If you are going to build a single story house, then it may not exceed the height of 6 meters. The building area also cannot be larger than 75 Sqm. This is allowed up to 50 meters (your house) from the beach or coastline. Check how they have designated the coastline.

Samui Area 3:

In this rea of Samui there is a height limited for the building of 12 meters as well as a limitation on the ground floor or total building area of no more than 2,000 Sqm. Check where your property or land is located on Samui.

Samui Area 4:

The last area in Koh Samui is that any building of up to 12 meters can be built. The other limitation is that the area is more than 200 meters from the beach.

You will need to contact the Land Department for a map of the area if you are buying or considering building on the island. There is a city planning act map for each area. Always do a due diligence report on your property purchase before you buy the property. Also see the articles on how to buy a condo, the money transfer process as well as zoning and building regulations in Thailand with an outlook on property investment in Thailand.

If you are buying offplan in Thailand, then consider the due diligence study on the property as many developers over the years have had issues with land allocation in terms of the land allocation act. This is mainly for land that has been subdivided before or within the last 3 years. This would mainly be when buying a villa in Thailand as the land is subdivided in the project to build all the houses in the private estate.

Always take proper legal advice when dealing with property in Thailand. This as land allocation regulations do get breached where the land value is very high. Ensure your property investment in Thailand is sound.

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