This is about child support in Thailand. As stated in the Thai family law, the financial support and maintenance of children is the responsibility of both parents until they are of legal age. This is not an issue to those children living with both parents, however, the Child Support issue will come up when both parents decide to have a divorce or become separated. Child custody and Child Support issues in Thailand can be decided by mutual agreement or by order of the court. Money obtained thru Child Support should only be used for the child’s expenses which include food and shelter, clothing, medical and educational needs.

Child Support in Thailand

It should not be used for the custodial parent’s persona l benefit.

There are two approaches in determining Child Support in Thailand. These are the following:

By Court Order

For Divorcing Parents

– When the issues concerning child support between divorcing parents cannot be settled by an agreement, the court usually decides that the non-custodial parent should pay the custodial parent an amount that is set for financial compensation for the child. Also, child support can be ordered by one parent to be paid by the other parent in cases where both parents have custody of the child. The court will be authorized to decide the amount of child support by means of taking into account the condition of the child, and at the same time the financial ability of the parent being obligated to pay child support.

For an Illegitimate Child

–   For children who are born outside a marriage in Thailand, the biological father is not obliged by law to pay child support unless the issue of the legitimation of the child is brought into court. The court will then decide on the concerns regarding child custody, legitimation and child support.

By Mutual Consent

For Divorcing Parents

–  Divorcing parents can decide on the issue of child support under the divorce agreement in Thailand. The amount and mode of payment can be settled based on the parents’ agreement. After that the divorce agreement with the child support settlement should be certified and registered. If the non-custodial parent fails to pay child support as agreed. The custodial parent can file a petition in court for proper enforcement.

For an Illegitimate Child

– Basically, the biological father is not obliged to pay child support. But the father is not withheld the right to enter into an agreement. This concerning child support payment, and such agreement is executable by law once registered.

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