Registering an Islamic marriage in Thailand is done. Want to know how Islamic marriage in Thailand is a straight forward process which can be completed and made possible for only a day. This marriage is recognized under Islamic law and recognized in Muslim countries.

Requirements for Islamic Marriage Registration:

Islam Conversion is required for non-Muslim party

If you are a non-Muslim planning to marry with a Muslim, under Islamic Laws, you must be converted to Islam first through a ceremony prior to the registration of the marriage. This process can be done in the country of origin of the non-Muslim party, before coming to Thailand. Or it may also be possible to do it in Thailand before the Islamic marriage registration at the Islamic Center. Make sure to bring your Islamic conversion certificate if converted overseas. Failure to do have this document beforehand will cause a problem as the conversion is important prior to the Islamic marriage registration.


The second step in the process in registering a Muslim marriage in Thailand is that both parties are required to produce valid passports including the page showing the Thai Immigration Stamp. For those holding travel documents, this is also acceptable as long as valid Thai immigration stamps are presented.

Single Certificate, Divorce Certificate or Death Certificate (if needed)

Whether you are single, you have been married before or your spouse died, whichever is applicable to you, a valid certificate should be presented and a must to female parties.

  1. ID photos (1.5in x 1.5in)
  2. Letter from the Embassy or any Competent Authority. This of permission to marry under Islamic law, for some countries, such as U.A.E

Islamic Registration Process

The whole ceremony takes place at the Islamic Center and process would be around an hour or two. A certificate will then be issued to the couple by the officiating Imam after the marriage. You have then an option for it to be in English and Arabic languages. It is advised to have the services of marriage professionals to assist with organizing your Muslim Marriage and strongly recommended that you have a Thai and English speaking person with you to walk you through the whole process. This is how Registering an Islamic Marriage in Thailand is done.