Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

This is about the prenuptial agreement in Thailand. The severance of the marital bond among spouses necessarily results to the eventual inventory and distribution of their respective properties prior and during the marriage duration. This is why prenuptial agreements in Thailand serve as a tool in assigning a particular property without having conflicts with associating ownership and management.

Property lawyer in Thailand

See a Property lawyer in Thailand. Some foreign buyers of property in Thailand have fallen for scams and would want to protect their financial investments in the Kingdom. But first, let us clear the fact that it is not a legal requirement to have a Thai lawyer when you wish to purchase property in Thailand. However, having a Thai property […]

Law firms in Thailand

These are law firms in Thailand. With various business concerns that every entrepreneur would encounter, Thai business lawyers or law firms in Thailand should always be there to support and back up all decisions. Regardless if it is a small or large business, entrepreneurs are recommended to hire experienced law firm in Thailand to assist them with facing legal concerns […]

US K-2 Visa Application

This is the US K-2 Visa application process. If you are an American citizen who plans on marrying your Thai fiancée in the United States, and she has children that she wants to bring with her, then the US K-2 Visa is the most appropriate type of visa for your case

UK Spouse Visa in Thailand

The UK Spouse Visa from Thailand enables the married partners of the UK national or permanent resident of the UK to immigrate to the United Kingdom. Obtaining this type of visa or applying for this type of visa for your Thai spouse can be done in Thailand. The Visa section of the British Embassy in Bangkok does the process for […]

UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

UK fiancée visa in Thailand. If you wish to take your Thai fiancee back to the United Kingdom. Then you must consider a fiancee visa for the UK. Taking your Thai fiancee back to the UK on a UK visitors visa may be considered fraud by the government so ensure that you have the correct visa when she leaves Thailand.

CR1 visa in Thailand

See the CR1 visa in Thailand. The CR1 visa or US Spouse Visa is needed if you are an American and you are married to a Thai citizen and you wish to bring your wife to the United States. If recently married or marriage has not been over 2 years from the date of marriage, then this is the correct […]

Australian Partner Visa for Thai

The Australian Partner Visa for Thai national is explained. Australian citizens or permanent resident of Australia and New Zealand who are married to a Thai lady can bring her to Australia for a holiday on an Australian tourist visa or live there legally with a spouse visa. The Australian Partner visa or Spouse Visa in Thailand allows a Thai lady […]

Paternity laws in Thailand

Paternity in Thailand pertains to the relationship that has been established by law between the child and father. For valid marriages, paternity is automatically assumed. If however, for children born outside of the marriage, child legitimacy should be considered for the husband. Paternity in Thailand can only be established legally by marriage, court judgement and government registration. Aside from this […]

Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand

This is the Australian Tourist Visa from Thailand. The Australian Visitor visa (subclass 600) is a visa application to visit Australia for tourism. This visa under tourism includes going for holidays, leisure and meeting family or friends. If your intention falls on going to Australia for a Business such as attending a conference, and anything that has to do with […]