Prenuptial Agreement in Thailand

This is about the prenuptial agreement in Thailand. The severance of the marital bond among spouses necessarily results to the eventual inventory and distribution of their respective properties prior and during the marriage duration. This is why prenuptial agreements in Thailand serve as a tool in assigning a particular property without having conflicts with associating ownership and management.

Paternity laws in Thailand

Paternity in Thailand pertains to the relationship that has been established by law between the child and father. For valid marriages, paternity is automatically assumed. If however, for children born outside of the marriage, child legitimacy should be considered for the husband. Paternity in Thailand can only be established legally by marriage, court judgement and government registration. Aside from this […]

Thai Muslim Marriage

Muslim marriages in Thailand has currently increased in number which is also called nikah in Thailand. More and more foreigners, especially from Muslim countries come to Thailand to marry their foreign fiancée or even their Thai partner. Requirements differ on specific nationalities and it is always best to be prepared before flying to Thailand.  There are a few required documents […]

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Lets explain marriage registration in Thailand. Foreigners are allowed to marry a Thai or another foreigner in Thailand. Most foreign marriage registrations in Thailand are made between a foreign man and a Thai woman, although foreigner couples also marry in Thailand as well, and spend their honeymoon on a tropical island in the country. However, same sex marriage has not […]

Child Support in Thailand

This is about child support in Thailand. As stated in the Thai family law, the financial support and maintenance of children is the responsibility of both parents until they are of legal age. This is not an issue to those children living with both parents, however, the Child Support issue will come up when both parents decide to have a […]

Thailand Child Custody

Thailand child custody is explained. See that you need to know about Thailand Family Law exercises the best interest of the child as their top priority in determining a child custody case.The battle for child custody in Thailand between parents arises from different situations. Usually, child custody arguments happen when married couples decide to terminate their marriage by filing for […]

Registering an Islamic Marriage in Thailand

Registering an Islamic marriage in Thailand is done. Want to know how Islamic marriage in Thailand is a straight forward process which can be completed and made possible for only a day. This marriage is recognized under Islamic law and recognized in Muslim countries.

Thai Prenuptial Agreements

The Thai penup or Thai prenuptial agreements  in Thailand give protection to those who wish to have their assets protected when getting married in the event of a divorce. The prenuptial has to be drafted to protect not only your assets but also other investments and business partnerships be they in Thailand or abroad.

Divorce in Thailand

If you are going to get divorced in Thailand, you will need to speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance. There are two types of divorces in Thailand. The first is an administrative divorce and the other is a litigated divorce. The administrative divorce only requires the required documents as well as the divorce agreement. […]