See the CR1 visa in Thailand. The CR1 visa or US Spouse Visa is needed if you are an American and you are married to a Thai citizen and you wish to bring your wife to the United States. If recently married or marriage has not been over 2 years from the date of marriage, then this is the correct visa type for your spouse to apply in joining you in the US.

CR1 visa in Thailand

CR1 visa in Thailand

The process for application of this type of visa starts with filing for a Spousal I-130 Petition in the US, wherein once the petition has been received, the Service Center will notify the applicant. It will then be forwarded for further evaluation and processing at the National Visa Center (NVC). The Marriage Visa petition will then be sent to the US Embassy in Bangkok from which you will be then notified to provide additional requirements in preparation for the interview appointment. Once everything submitted, the US embassy notifies by email for a scheduled interview appointment. The visa decision will be given on the day of your visa interview.

This type of visa process was designed for American citizens. This who wish to bring their Thai wife back to the United States. The whole process is much longer compared to the K1 Fiancée Visa or US Tourist Visa application. The US Spouse Visa is an Immigrant visa which pertains to your wife. Not being a permanent resident when she arrives in the United States. She will be given a conditional residence of 2 years before moving on with the permanent stage.

Here are the Basic Eligibility requirements when applying for a US Spouse Visa:

  • One party should be a US national, and the beneficiary should be his or her spouse;
  • There should be a pending petition from the Immigration. Stating that your Thai wife as your beneficiary on file with the USCIS;
  • You and your Thai wife should have undergone a legal marriage. Meeting all requirements under Thai law or the country where you have been married;

Once you have obtained the US Spouse Visa, your wife can now travel to the United States and live together with you for a validity of two years. During those times, the USCIS should have approved the immigration petition. This pertaining to the adjustment of status to her visa, making her a legal permanent resident of the United States.


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