The Australian Partner Visa for Thai national is explained. Australian citizens or permanent resident of Australia and New Zealand who are married to a Thai lady can bring her to Australia for a holiday on an Australian tourist visa or live there legally with a spouse visa. The Australian Partner visa or Spouse Visa in Thailand allows a Thai lady to be with her Australian partner in Australia, which requires a bunch of criteria to become eligible for visa application. See also Australian visa for Thai citizens for more information.

Australian Partner Visa for Thai

Australian Partner for ThaiThe simplest visa for your Thai wife to travel to Australia for the holiday would be the Australian Visitor Visa. If you intention is not for her in joining you permanently then tourist visa would be ideal. Your Thai wife would need to fill out an application form. Where both of you need to provide the required documents and supporting paperwork. Being married to an Australian does not guarantee entry into Australia, even for a simple holiday or to visit family and friends. Documentations are necessary to prove relationship and also strong ties in Thailand does matter.

On the other hand, if the intention is to join you in Australia, there would also be different requirements to present in support for this type of visa application including a medical report as well as a police certificate from Thailand in Bangkok.

There are various things that are considered when applying for an Australian visa. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship are carefully evaluating every possible issue. They will look through potential problems such as the character and medical history of your Thai wife. Her ability to be able to finance herself throughout the whole visit, if on a tourist visa. It also focus on the length, strength and authenticity of your relationship as a married couple.

A more permanent option for your Thai wife would be to apply for an Australian Partner visa in Thailand or a Spouse Visa. A partner visa will eventually lead to permanent residency in Australia. This and would allow your Thai wife to be employed in Australia if she wishes to. Once the Australian Spouse Visa is obtained and the status is adjusted to permanent, your Thai wife will not need another visa for Australia. This type of visa is much more complicated than the Australian Tourist visa. The length of time for processing is longer. However, for qualified applicants, it would be highly recommended to hire the assistance of competent lawyers. This to guide you through all the process in applying an Australian Partner or Spouse visa for your Thai wife.