Tabien Baan for Foreigners

See the Tabien Baan for foreigners. If you live in Thailand and own a house or condominium, then you can apply for a Tabien Baan. This house registration for a foreigner does not hold much value except in a few circumstances as it is only a certification of where you live in Thailand on a permanent basis. Below we have […]

Samui Building Zones

See the Samui building zones. You can read about the building zones in Phuket elsewhere on this website. If you are not going to lease land and wish to own the land, then you need to understand what the limits are when building in Thailand. Phuket has its own building regulations as well as Samui. Always have a due diligence […]

Thai Prenuptial Agreements

The Thai penup or Thai prenuptial agreements  in Thailand give protection to those who wish to have their assets protected when getting married in the event of a divorce. The prenuptial has to be drafted to protect not only your assets but also other investments and business partnerships be they in Thailand or abroad.

Marriage Visa

  This is the marriage visa. If you are married to a Thai national, then you can stay in Thailand on an extended basis. You will first need to register your marriage in Thailand at the local Amphurs office in the area where you live. The District Office will then give you a marriage certificate which you will need to […]

Legal Rights in Thailand for Foreigners

What are the legal rights in Thailand for foreigners. During one of the last roadshows in Thailand there had been a number of issues which had been discussed about foreigners in Thailand. The two main issues have been covered below. The government had given some reasoning as to why certain provisions are in place and what foreigners are allowed to […]

Leasing Land

What is leasing land in Thailand. You are normally not allowed to buy land in Thailand as foreigners are not allowed to own land outright. There are exceptions to this and you would need to speak to a lawyer in Thailand about owning a small piece of land which you are allowed to own under certain circumstances. If you are […]

Land Allocation Laws

The land allocation laws in Thailand are very important and many of the problems with property developments such as private villas tend to be because of the land allocation laws. Always do a due diligence before you place a deposit on the property especially if it is an offplan purchase. Speak to a property lawyer in Thailand for more information […]

Immigration Enforcement

Lets look at immigration enforcement. There has over the past 2 years been a crackdown by Thai Immigration on foreigners in Thailand. These have been mainly targeted at those working illegally in Thailand and they have over the past 2 years arrested a number of people who have overstayed their visa or worked illegally in Thailand. This new crackdown called […]

Divorce in Thailand

If you are going to get divorced in Thailand, you will need to speak to a divorce lawyer in Thailand for more information and assistance. There are two types of divorces in Thailand. The first is an administrative divorce and the other is a litigated divorce. The administrative divorce only requires the required documents as well as the divorce agreement. […]

Buying Land or Leasing Land

See the buying land or leasing land argument. As a foreigner you normally cannot buy land in Thailand however you can lease the land. Many who do buy land in Thailand buy the land in the name of their Thai wife. The Land Office will also get you to sign a document stating that you have no claim over the […]