Thai Muslim Marriage

Muslim marriages in Thailand has currently increased in number which is also called nikah in Thailand. More and more foreigners, especially from Muslim countries come to Thailand to marry their foreign fiancée or even their Thai partner. Requirements differ on specific nationalities and it is always best to be prepared before flying to Thailand.  There are a few required documents […]

Thai Police Certificate

The Police Certificate is also required when an individual is applying for immigration status to foreign countries. Applicants for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate are required to declare their period of stay in Thailand, wherein documentary proof of stay should be provided. Stamps for first entry and last exit are also required, together with copies all the pages of the […]

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Lets explain marriage registration in Thailand. Foreigners are allowed to marry a Thai or another foreigner in Thailand. Most foreign marriage registrations in Thailand are made between a foreign man and a Thai woman, although foreigner couples also marry in Thailand as well, and spend their honeymoon on a tropical island in the country. However, same sex marriage has not […]

Child Support in Thailand

This is about child support in Thailand. As stated in the Thai family law, the financial support and maintenance of children is the responsibility of both parents until they are of legal age. This is not an issue to those children living with both parents, however, the Child Support issue will come up when both parents decide to have a […]

UK Tourist Visa for Thai

The UK Tourist Visa for Thai citizen. The UK has been one of the best tourist destinations among the Asians and specifically for Thai nationals. Planning to visit the UK? Getting all packed for a short holiday with friends, to see your boyfriend or girlfriend, and families? Be very extra careful and make sure you have all documents needed to […]

Thailand Child Custody

Thailand child custody is explained. See that you need to know about Thailand Family Law exercises the best interest of the child as their top priority in determining a child custody case.The battle for child custody in Thailand between parents arises from different situations. Usually, child custody arguments happen when married couples decide to terminate their marriage by filing for […]

Registering an Islamic Marriage in Thailand

Registering an Islamic marriage in Thailand is done. Want to know how Islamic marriage in Thailand is a straight forward process which can be completed and made possible for only a day. This marriage is recognized under Islamic law and recognized in Muslim countries.

US Visa in Thailand

This is the US Visa in Thailand. If you are going to take your wife or Thai girlfriend back to the US, then you would need to have the correct US Visa for her. If you are married, then the K3 visa would be the correct visa for her or a US Fiancée visa from Thailand for your girlfriend. Also […]

Title Deeds in Thailand

Title Deeds in Thailand is explained. If you are going to buy property in Thailand, then you will need to know what type of title deed the property has been registered under. You will find these issues mainly if you are looking at buying a house compared to buying a condo in Thailand. The following 5 title deed types are […]

Thai Visa

Know your Thai Visa. There are a number of visa options for Thailand. Depending on how old you are or what you wish to do in Thailand the visa would differ. Below you will find a number of visa options which are the most common for foreigners in Thailand. There are also limitations to each visa and this has also […]