See the Tabien Baan for foreigners. If you live in Thailand and own a house or condominium, then you can apply for a Tabien Baan. This house registration for a foreigner does not hold much value except in a few circumstances as it is only a certification of where you live in Thailand on a permanent basis. Below we have listed benefits of having a Tabien Baan as well as obligations which come with this book.

Tabien Baan for Foreigners

Tabien Baan for ForeignersBackground

The Tabien Baan does not mean that you own the property where you are listed as staying. This comes as at times confusing to people. If you are buying a condo in Thailand from a foreigner and the Tabien Baan, he might have has shown the unit as his address it does not mean that he owns it. Tabien Baan does not confirm ownership only a Thai title deed does. The Tabien Baan for Thai nationals is yellow while the Tabien Baan for foreigners is Blue. It is also known at the Thor.Ror.14 in Thailand. The only difference you will have been a house or condo with your Tabien Baan is that your house registration shows what type of dwelling it is. Note that if you own two properties in Thailand only one property will be in your house hold registration as that would be your primary residence for registration.


If you own your property and have a Tabien Baan and it lists the owners name of the property, then you do not need to pay business tax of 3.3% on the sale of the property as long as the name has been in there for at least 1 year and the property has been owned for at least 5 years. Speak to a property lawyer about this and also see the property transfer costs in Thailand for more information as only stamp duty of 0.5% is payable as well as the withholding taxes. It is also easy to use the Tabien Baan to open a bank account in Thailand even though it is not needed.


If someone is born in the house you need to notify the government within 15 days. Also if someone died, then you have 24 hours to notify the police and government office. If someone moves in or out. Then you have 15 days to notify the government as well as they will be on your Tabien Baan. If you are going to demolish your house. Then you will need a demolition certificate. This  and ask for an adjustment of your Tabien Baan if you build a new house on the same spot.

Most foreigners in Thailand don’t bother with a Tabien Baan. This as there are no clear advantages to the system for a foreigner. The issue however is different for Thai nationals as they are citizens of the country.

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