Samui Building Zones

See the Samui building zones. You can read about the building zones in Phuket elsewhere on this website. If you are not going to lease land and wish to own the land, then you need to understand what the limits are when building in Thailand. Phuket has its own building regulations as well as Samui. Always have a due diligence […]

Leasing Land

What is leasing land in Thailand. You are normally not allowed to buy land in Thailand as foreigners are not allowed to own land outright. There are exceptions to this and you would need to speak to a lawyer in Thailand about owning a small piece of land which you are allowed to own under certain circumstances. If you are […]

Buying Land or Leasing Land

See the buying land or leasing land argument. As a foreigner you normally cannot buy land in Thailand however you can lease the land. Many who do buy land in Thailand buy the land in the name of their Thai wife. The Land Office will also get you to sign a document stating that you have no claim over the […]