Title Deeds in Thailand is explained. If you are going to buy property in Thailand, then you will need to know what type of title deed the property has been registered under. You will find these issues mainly if you are looking at buying a house compared to buying a condo in Thailand. The following 5 title deed types are the most common with the Chanote being the best..

Title Deeds in Thailand

Thailand has a unique system of Real Estate Title compared with property title in other countries. In Essence, Thai law stipulates four types of Thai title that give one ownership rights in Thai Real Estate.

Chanote (Nor Sor 4): This Thai Title Deed would be much like in the West as it confers the strongest property rights that you can have in Thailand. This property has been measured by the Land Department and very specifically shows where the borders are located of the property as well as the size. This type of title deed has also been marked by governmental boundaries as well as confirmed by satellite imagery. If you are buying a condo in Thailand, then this is the title deed you would want.

Nor Sor 3 Gor: If you don’t have a Chanote title deed then this type of property right is far stronger than the other Thai Real Estate Titles. This is not a full property title deed like the Chanote. The difference is that these title deeds do not have their boundaries properly defined by the Land Department. In other words, there are no satellite imagery nor officially marked property boundaries. You can have this title deed upgraded to a Chanote and have the land properly surveyed. There are costs involved so speak to a property lawyer in Thailand about this type of title deed.

Additional Title Deeds

Nor Sor 3: This title deed in Thailand is similar to the Nor Sor 2 Gor except that the Land Office has never even unofficially set the boundaries to the property.  This type of Thai Real Estate Title would be a title deed you would want to stay clear of. Unless you know what you are doing. Take proper legal advice from a property attorney before you buy land or a house in Thailand for your Thai wife with this type of title.

Sor Por Kor 4-01: This Thai title deed is mainly for agricultural land and you would not be interested in this type of property. These title deeds are mainly used by Thai farmers which allows them to use and farm the land. This with the ability to place a house on the property. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for more information as it might be offered to you with the incorrect information. May foreigners who wish to buy a parcel of land in Thailand for their Thai wife. This to retire on might come across this type of title deed.

Right of Possession: This is basically a squatter right in Thailand. You squat on the land for many years and paying all the taxes on the land. You should be very careful when dealing with title deeds. This and property law in Thailand when it comes to buying land or a house.

Before you buy or rent any property in Thailand always consult a property lawyer for guidance and advice.

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