The Police Certificate is also required when an individual is applying for immigration status to foreign countries. Applicants for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate are required to declare their period of stay in Thailand, wherein documentary proof of stay should be provided. Stamps for first entry and last exit are also required, together with copies all the pages of the VISA.

Applicants should complete the Thai Application Form, and submit a set of fingerprints on the prescribed form which will be taken by the officer in charge of fingerprinting at the laboratory. The original set of fingerprints should be posted together with other documents and processed for a shorter period of time. In some cases, it would take longer.

Requirements for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate:

  • Completed application form for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate
  • Complete set of fingerprints taken at the laboratory and done on the Thai Police fingerprint form
  • Verified and signed copies of Passport
  • 2 pcs recent photos, passport size
  • Details on request for certificate

Processing time for the Thai Police Certificate is between 2 weeks or over. Those with no criminal records will get their Thai Police Clearance Certificate sooner. This certificate is normally needed for a US Visa, UK Visa as well as the Australian Visa for a Thai national.