Lets explain marriage registration in Thailand. Foreigners are allowed to marry a Thai or another foreigner in Thailand. Most foreign marriage registrations in Thailand are made between a foreign man and a Thai woman, although foreigner couples also marry in Thailand as well, and spend their honeymoon on a tropical island in the country. However, same sex marriage has not been carried out in Thailand yet.

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Marriage registration process in Thailand for foreigners have changed through the years that have passed. Thai laws tend to change or become compulsory which suddenly turns everything around. However, marriage registration carried out properly and lawfully in Thailand would be valid and legit in the US, UK and other countries. Process and documentations should be carefully prepared and completed to avoid issues that may take place after the marriage registration in Thailand.

If a foreigner decides to marry another foreigner, depending on the nationality, each of the couple’s embassies should issue an affidavit stating that you are free to marry. The requirements for obtaining the said affidavit may vary for different nationalities. Normally, valid passports have to be presented. For cases of individuals who had a divorce or having the previous marriage terminated. This due to spousal death, an original copy of the divorce or death certificate should be presented. An additional requirement of passport certification has become a must to present as well in order to proceed with the marriage registration.

Marriage Process

For foreigners marrying a Thai national in Thailand, it is required to present the Thai National Identification Card and House Registration or Blue Book. Translation of the Affirmation of Freedom to Marry to Thai language is also needed, and should be certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The marriage will then be registered at the local district office, the Amphur validates that the marriage is legally binding.

After your marriage is registered with the Amphur, you will then be issued your Marriage Certificate. This document needs to be translated in English language, and certified at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. There are countries that requires authentication of all documents. These should be submitted to them including the record of the marriage. A report of marriage is the term for other embassies. With this, you will need to report the marriage to the foreigner’s home country. This or the country’s Embassy or Consulate in Thailand.

Be very careful as not just everyone gets to marry as they wish easily. Both parties should meet the age requirement, which is 17 years or older for Thai nationals. A written consent from the parents is required if below 20 years old. For foreigners, whatever age is considered marriageable in line with their home country’s laws. Also, all documents in foreign language should be translated into English. This and if one or both of the spouses are found to married in another country. Then they cannot be married in Thailand.