The UK Tourist Visa for Thai citizen. The UK has been one of the best tourist destinations among the Asians and specifically for Thai nationals. Planning to visit the UK? Getting all packed for a short holiday with friends, to see your boyfriend or girlfriend, and families? Be very extra careful and make sure you have all documents needed to apply for a tourist visa in the UK.

UK Tourist Visa for Thai

One of the most important things that you need to consider when applying for a UK Visitor Visa is being employed in Thailand that will add strong ties for the applicant to return after the UK visit. And financial proof that you are able to support yourself for the said holiday. Documents requires, Employment certificate, proof of leave from work, pay slips and bank statements. Also your proof of accommodation shall be required. However, purchasing a ticket will not be required until you are granted a visa.

For British nationals sponsoring your Thai girlfriend or boyfriend, the status of your relationship, how long both are in relationship, the trips you had to see each other and all others. Also mainly would be the applicant’s status in Thailand. A higher chance of obtaining the visa if a stable employment can be proved, regardless of income, as long as it does not involve illegal ways of earning money. It would also help if one has its own savings or assets. The UK Immigration would acknowledge the sponsorship from British nationals financially, but, will not only consider this for the visa approval. There are many aspects to be considered for a tourist visa application in the UK.

Some may say, I am the sponsor and I have the money, why can’t she/he just come for a holiday? These, as mentioned above, hold as factors which are deemed as ties to Thailand, and are the reasons that the applicant is coming back after the holiday in the UK.


And not only those things will you need, but, to prove as well the authenticity of your relationship. Is it an arranged one or a genuine relationship? One way to prove such is by showing evidence of your on-going relationship in form of photos taken together, may it be from your travels in Thailand or overseas, email correspondence, video calls and chats, money transaction receipts if sending fund transfers to you and boarding pass for previous trips to Thailand. Aside from these, you will need to write a letter on how your relationship started out, in detail, and the high point of your relationship. With this, the UK Immigration will be given a clear picture and scenario of your commitment and relationship.

As a sponsor, you need to show evidence of financial capability. This in order to support your girlfriend/boyfriend once in the United Kingdom. You will be required to provide proof of your employment, or business in the UK. This and savings or business bank statements and proof of your home in the UK. All these and the sponsorship letter confirming your intent to sponsor her/ his stay in the UK.

When all the documents are ready, you may submit the visa application. This to the UK VFS and biometrics are collected at the same time. It usually takes 15 working days to process the application. However, may take longer than the usual and may have options. This for expedited processing at the VFS center for additional cost.  Once she is granted he visa, she will be allowed to stay in the UK for 6 months.