See a Property lawyer in Thailand. Some foreign buyers of property in Thailand have fallen for scams and would want to protect their financial investments in the Kingdom. But first, let us clear the fact that it is not a legal requirement to have a Thai lawyer when you wish to purchase property in Thailand. However, having a Thai property lawyer may ease the process and make sure that you get exactly what you want and the purchase can proceed without any disruption or errors. Speak to a lawyer in Thailand for assistance.

Property lawyer in Thailand

Property lawyer in ThailandIn Thailand, the process of purchasing property is not regulated – any buyer can directly contact a real estate agent and make a deal without any legal assistance. However, this could become a dilemma as there are no regulations when you purchase property in Thailand; and there have been a lot of misconceptions going on in the country that foreign individuals can fall prey to. Property can easily be advertised falsely; real estate can be sold without the seller having ownership and can even be sold with outstanding debts and mortgage payments.

Services offered by a Thai Real Estate lawyer are:

  • –          They are able to check the legal history of a certain property;
  • –          They are able to check for the ownership of the property, title deeds and property finance;
  • –          Also they are able to check the registration of the property, and look for any irregularities;
  • –          They are able to create legal structure and contracts for the property purchase;
  • –          Also they are able to make reservation agreements and preliminary contracts;
  • –          They can ensure that your deposit for the property is secured;
  • –          They provide you with security with your property purchase;

Some people may choose not to hire a property lawyer in Thailand. This because, first and foremost, it is not a requirement to use a solicitor when buying property in Thailand. Many of those who have basic knowledge of the acquisition process of a property may wish to go through the procedure themselves. This without the need of any legal assistance. And finally, hiring a law firm in Thailand may involve costs which many people want to avoid. This as they do not want to pay additional expenses. For those who decide to take this option. You should be vigilant and perform extensive research prior to signing any agreement or contract. Make sure that you have investigated your property thoroughly prior to the purchase. Also check the articles on the Tabian Baan as well as the Title Deeds and Zoning laws in Thailand.

As for hiring a Thai property lawyer. You are ensured that you get exactly what you are entitled to, and not fall to any scams in the purchase process. It is highly recommended to hire a lawyer if you only have a basic understanding of the process of property purchasing in Thailand.