Thai Police Certificate

The Police Certificate is also required when an individual is applying for immigration status to foreign countries. Applicants for the Thai Police Clearance Certificate are required to declare their period of stay in Thailand, wherein documentary proof of stay should be provided. Stamps for first entry and last exit are also required, together with copies all the pages of the […]

Marriage Registration in Thailand

Lets explain marriage registration in Thailand. Foreigners are allowed to marry a Thai or another foreigner in Thailand. Most foreign marriage registrations in Thailand are made between a foreign man and a Thai woman, although foreigner couples also marry in Thailand as well, and spend their honeymoon on a tropical island in the country. However, same sex marriage has not […]

UK Tourist Visa for Thai

The UK Tourist Visa for Thai citizen. The UK has been one of the best tourist destinations among the Asians and specifically for Thai nationals. Planning to visit the UK? Getting all packed for a short holiday with friends, to see your boyfriend or girlfriend, and families? Be very extra careful and make sure you have all documents needed to […]

Thai Visa

Know your Thai Visa. There are a number of visa options for Thailand. Depending on how old you are or what you wish to do in Thailand the visa would differ. Below you will find a number of visa options which are the most common for foreigners in Thailand. There are also limitations to each visa and this has also […]

Tabien Baan for Foreigners

See the Tabien Baan for foreigners. If you live in Thailand and own a house or condominium, then you can apply for a Tabien Baan. This house registration for a foreigner does not hold much value except in a few circumstances as it is only a certification of where you live in Thailand on a permanent basis. Below we have […]

Marriage Visa

  This is the marriage visa. If you are married to a Thai national, then you can stay in Thailand on an extended basis. You will first need to register your marriage in Thailand at the local Amphurs office in the area where you live. The District Office will then give you a marriage certificate which you will need to […]

Legal Rights in Thailand for Foreigners

What are the legal rights in Thailand for foreigners. During one of the last roadshows in Thailand there had been a number of issues which had been discussed about foreigners in Thailand. The two main issues have been covered below. The government had given some reasoning as to why certain provisions are in place and what foreigners are allowed to […]

Immigration Enforcement

Lets look at immigration enforcement. There has over the past 2 years been a crackdown by Thai Immigration on foreigners in Thailand. These have been mainly targeted at those working illegally in Thailand and they have over the past 2 years arrested a number of people who have overstayed their visa or worked illegally in Thailand. This new crackdown called […]