UK fiancée visa in Thailand. If you wish to take your Thai fiancee back to the United Kingdom. Then you must consider a fiancee visa for the UK. Taking your Thai fiancee back to the UK on a UK visitors visa may be considered fraud by the government so ensure that you have the correct visa when she leaves Thailand.

UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

Things to consider when applying for a UK Fiancée Visa in Thailand

  • Financial status of the British fiancée

    • Financial capability should be clearly established. This in order to support your Thai fiancée. This when she comes to the UK. Evidence such as proof of employment, income from employment or business, savings in a form of bank statements among some.
  • Proof of accommodation

    • In regards to the first requirement, you should be able to provide proof that you have a place to where you will accommodate your fiancée. Owning a house or leasing a place wherein you would stay together with your fiancée once she is in the UK. Copies of House Title deeds or rental agreements are among some.
  • Proof of authentic and on-going relationship

    • It is very important that relationship is genuine and not an arranged one. You need to show proof of your stable relationship with your Thai fiancée, based on mutual respect and trust. Such proof includes photos taken together, phone bills, money transfer receipts, and email exchanges among some.
  • Status of your Thai fiancée

    • Your Thai fiancée should be single and free to marry. Whether divorced a person, whichever would apply, as long as able to marry legally with you. Also having good health with no TB, have passed the English required test and have a clean criminal record.

The UK Fiancée Visa application process in Thailand starts off with the completion of the visa application form, which can be obtained online. UK VFS or Visa Facilitating Service is a commercial organization. Which has been under contract with the UK Embassy to extend help. This regarding the administrative aspect of the UK visa applications. Make sure to answer what is asked in the application form completely and honestly. After completing the application form, gather all the needed documents: which includes the Police Report, medical test and results of the English test. After submitting these to the VFS. It will be turned over to the British embassy for evaluation which requires around 12 weeks.

The visa application fees are as follows: visa immigration fees, service fee for the VFS center. If additional services required, medical fee for the checkup, English test fee and police clearance fee.