The UK Spouse Visa from Thailand enables the married partners of the UK national or permanent resident of the UK to immigrate to the United Kingdom. Obtaining this type of visa or applying for this type of visa for your Thai spouse can be done in Thailand. The Visa section of the British Embassy in Bangkok does the process for the UK visa application and other settlement visa applications.

UK Spouse Visa in Thailand

UK Spouse Visa in Thailand

The duration of the whole process depends on the amount of applications received by the embassy. The UK Spouse Visa Thailand has a validity of two years and nine months. If you have any question then speak to an immigration lawyer in Bangkok about the UK spouse visa from Thailand today. Also see the UK fiancee visa if you are not legally married.

Eligibility requirements for the UK Spouse Visa in Thailand:

  • –          Parties must be 18 years or older
  • –          Parties must have met each other in person and should be legally married
  • –          Married couple must aim to cohabit permanently
  • –          Spouse must meet requirements for the English language and TB Test
  • –          Petitioner must meet the minimum stated financial requirement

For those married to UK citizens, a UK Spouse Visa may be obtained for a probationary period of two years and nine months. If found to be living together and still married at the end of the given probationary period. You will be able to apply for the Leave to Remain. This entitling you to stay further for two years and six months. If you have been together in the UK for five years or more and still able to meet the specified requirements, you will then be able to apply for the Indefinite Leave to Remain, which is a permanent residency in the United Kingdom.

The UK Spouse Visa applicant should meet the following requirements:

  • –          Should be legally married to British spouse
  • –          Also should be free of tuberculosis
  • –          Should be able to provide proof of genuine marital relationship with British spouse

Requirements for the British spouse:

  • –          Should be legally married to the visa applicant
  • –          Should be able to show proof of accommodation in the UK
  • –          Also should be able to provide proof of genuine relationship with the applicant
  • –          Should be financially capable to provide for the visa applicant

Always take legal advice from an immigration lawyer in Thailand. This if you are considering moving your Thai wife to the United Kingdom. Note that if you are married do not take your wife back to the UK on a tourist visa as this might be viewed as fraud. Always apply for the proper visa in Thailand be it in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. Note that if you are getting married in Thailand under Sharia law then look at the articles on Muslim marriages in Thailand for more information.